Please feel free to peruse FuturePoint Systems product range. These products are available for immediate purchase, some products will have a lead time, please contact us on e-mail or phone for details.

Our products

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“LiveTrace” Live Low Voltage Phase Identification System

A device for identifying which phase a premise, streetlight or other equipment is connected to on the low voltage (415v) electricity network.

Mantis CCI

Cable Core Identifier.  Used to identify cores or phasing on de-energised under ground cables.

Contact Receiver

The contact phase identification receiver is designed for use in 3 phase switchboards, and similar areas where there is not enough physical separation to identify conductors using the non-contact receiver.

“SmartNode” IOT Demand Response Enabling Device (D.R.E.D.)

A device which allows electricity providers to remotely cap the energy usage of appliances, and/or limit the generation of renewable energy sources during times of network stress.
This product has been discontinued.

Sunspec™ Modbus Demand Response Controler for PV Inverters

A device for allowing Sunspec™ capable inverters to be controlled by AS4755 Demand Response Enabling Devices (DREDs).  This allows a simple means of obtaining compliance to AS4777.
This product has been discontinued.